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7 Best Swim Cap For Curly Hair

Swimming is an excellent full-body exercise.

But you are aware of how badly pool chemicals such as chlorine and bacteria can cause damage to your beautiful hair.

Swim Cap For Curly Hair

Finding a swim cap for normal hair might be easy, but you have to struggle more to find a perfect match for curly hair because of many choices and comfortability issues.

That’s why to help you quickly get your dream swim cap.

Today, we are presenting you with a list of the 7 best swim caps for curly hair.

We use harsh chemicals to make our pool clean and safe, but these chemicals are way too dangerous for curly hair because they might damage them.

The real problem is finding a swim cap that offers a form of defense for your beautiful hair against pool chemicals is challenging and demanding.

The second reason you want to use a swim cap for curly hair as most of us don’t have time to wash, comb, and dry curly hair after each bath or swimming class.

A swimming cap will provide a convenient way to protect your hair and keep most of them dry.

We have analyzed more than 50 products in the last month and only selected the 7 best swim caps for curly hair.

Our list contains different swim caps for different hair types: thick, long, short, curly, dreadlocks, black hair, extensions and weaves, and much more.

Ensure the swim cap you choose must fit your head and cover your hair, and this quality and feel will only come up when you select the correct size.

So choosing the right size is essential. It will also help to keep an eye on the comfortability and types of materials used in swim caps.

Although, no swim cap can keep 100% of your hair dry. Our list also has no exception, but we have given most of the time to present you with a list of the swim caps that can keep at least 97-99% of hair dry.

7 Best Swim Cap For Curly Hair Compared

The comparison chart has different swim caps. The first three swim caps are our favorite and were picked by editors.

However, these are available in various sizes and fit men, women, and kids well. 

If you are in a hurry, the comparison chart will help you pick one quickly. 

Otherwise, we recommend you to go through the detailed reviews to understand its features, buyer intent, and for whom they are designed.

Long Hair Swim Cap - Swimming Caps for Women Men -...1. Lahtak Long Hair Swim for Curly Hair

  • Available Color: 6
  • Materials: Silicone
Check On Amazon
No products found.2. Dsane Extra Large Swimming Cap

  • Available Color: 8
  • Materials: Silicone
Check On Amazon
Sargoby Fitness Extra Large Swim Cap for dreadlocks and...3. Sargoby Fitness Swim Cap

  • Available Color: 2
  • Materials: Silicone
Check On Amazon
No products found.4. SOUL CAP XL Swim Cap

  • Available Color: 4
  • Materials: Silicone
Check On Amazon
Swim Caps for Long Hair Kids - Swimming Cap for Girls...5. Lahtak Swim Caps for Kids With Curly Hair

  • Available Color: 4
  • Materials: Silicone
Check On Amazon
No products found.6. COPOZZ Extra Large Stylish Swim Cap

  • Available Color: 3 Designs
  • Materials: Silicone
Check On Amazon
Happy Mane Silicone Swim Cap for Braids and Dreadlocks,...7. Happy Mane Curly Hair Swim Cap

  • Available Color: 2
  • Materials: Silicone
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Reviewing 7 Best Swim Caps For Curly Hair in 2024

Every swim cap offers something extraordinary. So let us find why these are the recommended swim caps for curly hair.

1. Lahtak Long Hair – Best Swim Cap For Curly Hair

Lahtak Swim Cap for Curly Hair

It does not matter how long your curly hair is because Lahtak swim caps give you the natural feeling of a smooth and imaginable swimming experience.

Lahtak swim caps have a lot of space to accommodate your curly hair, braids, dreadlocks, and very long hair without any issue.

Their goal is to give you a comfortable fit. The swim cap is available in different versions and sizes that you can choose based on your head circumference and hair length.

There are six different colors available, but make sure to keep an eye on the versions because some colors come for smaller head circumference.

However, the swim cap easily fits curly hair and is available for men, women, kids, and teens to secure and protect curly hair.

Lahtak swim cap offers excellent protection for curly hair because it has used premium silicon materials to create this unique version.

The materials are allergy-free, leading to thicker designs that cannot be easily worn and torn.

If you are old to the swimming age and especially swimming caps, you might have faced the situation that most swim hats press the head very hard, and after using it for some time, you feel headaches and, of course, leading to many other problems.

Lahtak stands one step ahead when it comes to comfortability and keeps your true feelings in their heart before coming up with a new design.

They called this design a loose-fit, and we have to test to find out if it is a reality or just attempting to attract customers. Our test found that the swim cap offers what is precisely described.

It’s a unique creation that does not press your hair because the cap has a lot of room, and it will not be a problem for curly hair even though it does not slide off and cause no trouble.

As you know, no swim cap can ultimately keep your hair dry, and the same is the case for Lahtak as well.

The swim cap will help cover your curly hair, but some water may leak to wet the edges of the hair. So we can say that it can keep 97% of hair dry; that’s why we have picked Lahtak as the best swim cap for curly hair.

If you are worried about chlorine and other pool chemicals that can damage your beautiful curly hair. In that case, we recommend you to try Lahtak curly hair swim cap because it’s a fashionable design that offers excellent protection.

And most importantly, the attractive combination of colors makes a unique presence in the water.

  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Best for curly, dreadlocks, and long hair, etc.
  • Plenty of room for hair
  • Can cover very long curly hair
  • Made from premium materials
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Apply no pressure on the head
  • Seller on Amazon offer a 90-days money-back guarantee
  • Failed to keep 100% hair dry
  • You might get confused while selecting a size because of a lot available options

Every swim cap fits comfortably on curly hair, but you have to make sure that these swim caps come in different sizes based on the hair length and head circumference. Regardless, they all have other editions for kids, women, and men. So make sure to check their prices and size chart.

2. Dsane Extra Large Swimming Cap – Best Swim Cap For Thick Curly Hair

Dsane Swim Cap For Thick Curly Hair

Dsane is another choice for swimming lovers with thick curly hair.

If you have thick curly hair and it stops you from entering the swimming pool or taking a bath because of the worries that the pool’s chlorine and harmful chemicals can harm your hair, then you need a Dsane swim cap.

Your priority should be to choose a swim cap that fits easily on the head and accommodate curly hair. Along with that, provide an extreme level of defense from pool chemicals.

If you need all these features, then Dsane is the best swim cap for thick curly hair because it is designed to be lightweight and comfortable.

Just like Lahtak, this swim cap also has a lot of room and can cover almost any hairstyle like kinky, dreadlocks, extensions, and very long bulky hair.

The company presents you with an elegant design and fashionable look swimming cap in 9 different colors, but I don’t particularly appreciate that the swim cap is available for adults only.

They have some other swim caps for kids and teens, but this version is specially designed for adults with curly hair.

It’s made from silicon materials leading toward flexibility. The materials are stretchable and very soft; you can easily stretch the swim cap and put it on as easily as a headband.

We have chosen Dsane some caps is our second-best swim cap for curly hair because there are two reasons; firstly, the swim cap offers outstanding protection against pool chemicals and easily fits different hair types.

Secondly, the swim cap package comes with two more extra accessories; a nose clip and earplugs to provide a complete protection tool and swimming kits so you will have an incredible swimming experience.

Please Note;

Before jumping to the shopping section, I want to ensure that this swim cap is for long and thick curly hair.

This will not work if you have short hair because it’s too roomy and might look funny.

  • Made from non-toxic materials and contain no BPA chemicals
  • Provide Maximum protection against chlorine
  • Unisex and stylish design
  • Available in 9 different colors
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable and perform well in the swimming pool
  • Specially designed for extra-large curly, thick, long, dreadlocks, braids, and afros hair, etc.
  • The front hair might get wet
  • Not suitable for short hair

3. Sargoby Fitness Cap Best Swim Cap For Long Curly Hair

Sargoby Fitness Swim Cap For long Curly Hair

This is specially designed for very long dreads, braids, and curly hair.

You can imagine an accommodation room and space from the picture shown on the right side.

Sargoby swim cap is a ready-to-use model for people having more massive volumes of bulky and curly hair.

It is much larger than traditional swim caps, as you can see in the picture.

Please don’t take it easy because it’s a complete solution and ideal for those men or women whose hair goes beyond the shoulders.

Still, I don’t recommend it for shoulder hair only. If you have more massive hair reaching into your back, then this swim cap is only for you.

The giant swim cap does not press the head harder and isn’t afraid of its look in the picture because it looks very typical.

Furthermore, it is made from silicone materials, and the creator has included a lot of premium silicons to make it much thicker and flexible.

Besides that, the swim cap also helps cover your ear, making it an excellent choice for those who have problems with water entering their ear.

Although no swim cap can keep your hair completely dry, I like Sargoby because they don’t claim this and clearly say that their swim cap can help most recreational swimmers achieve their goals by providing a form of defense against pool chemicals.

However, the swim cap is thicker and provides the best protection, and stops water from entering the swim cap.

The swim cap has two parts; one part on top of the head keeps your hairball or bun secure, and the edges of the swim cap have stretched, and elastic grips to cover your head and stop water also reduce water drag.

Sargoby swim caps are available in two different sizes, which include “Large size (L)” and “Extra Large Size (XL).”

The “L” is recommended for those with dreadlocks, braid, and curly hair that go beyond the shoulders.

And “XL” size is recommended for very thick dreadlocks, afro, and curly hair that go beyond your body’s lower back.

No doubt, The “XL” version of the Sargoby swim cap is the best swim cap for long curly hair.

As I cleared initially, this swim cap is not designed for that small hair that does not reach the shoulders.

So, be careful with your decisions, and don’t worry if it is not intended for you; keep reading; we have other cool swim caps for your beautiful curly hair.

  • Extra-large and have a lot of room to cover almost any length of hair.
  • Unique and unisex design
  • Comfortable to put on and off
  • Not too much tight
  • Thicker and robust quality
  • Available in two versions, i.e., L and XL, based on your hair length
  • Cover your ears
  • Not suitable for Kids and Teens
  • Not recommended for short hair (shoulder length hair)
  • Doesn’t fit snug
  • Some parts of hair might get wet

4. SOUL CAP XL Best for Training

SOUL CAP Extra Large Swimming Cap for Curly Hair

If your curly hair length is ending on mid-back, then the Soul cap and its features will impress you to take you into a decision of finalizing the best swim cap for curly hair. 

The version we are reviewing now is XL because it’s pretty perfect for shoulder-length hair to bra-strap length. 

However, we have found that the swim cap can accommodate and cover your mid-back length hair comfortably in our testing phase. 

So the Soul cap is designed only for voluminous hair, which length is crossing shoulders. 

It does not matter what type of hairstyle you keep, such as curly, dyed hair, dreadlocks, weaves, braids, afros, or any other, but if your hair passes shoulders length, then Soul XL edition is your best swim cap for curly hair.

The worries of pool chemicals can be controlled by using Soul swim cap extensions on your head. 

It’s a flat-like design covering the back of your head as well as the ear. You can now enjoy swimming often by keeping long curly hair protected. 

Soul cap is made from premium silicone materials, and it’s thicker than usual swim caps. 

They provide a silicone swim cap to ensure your strength and make their product durable and flexible. 

The materials are super strong and offer excellent stretchability, so you can stretch the cap twice the original size to cover smaller to larger heads. 

Furthermore, the XL size is available in four different colors, and these are the most favorite colors and can be easily seen from far away.


As I initially cleared, the swim cap we are reviewing is XL (Extra Large). But all the swim caps offer the exact comfortable fit and tight experience. 

So it is only designed for hair with length passing shoulders. XL size will not work if you have shorter hair like nick length or shorter than nick length. 

In this case, they have another swim cap designed especially for short hair with hair length only reaching the neckline or just more succinct than that. There is a specific swim cap for short hair called LARGE. 

Now, if you have very long curly hair that goes beyond the mid-back, then their XXL (Extra- Extra Large swim cap) is only and only designed for you. 

All three versions based on sizes are designed with special care and from the same materials, but the only difference is the size. 

  • Snug fit
  • Latex and toxic-free
  • Flexible and durable
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Available in different sizes, various from Large to XXL based on hair length
  • Made from high-quality silicone materials
  • Cover ear
  • Roomy
  • Lightweight
  • Customers might get confused on ordering a preferred version for their hair size
  • Water may leak, and the hair edges might get wet
  • Loose fit for small head circumference

5. Lahtak Swim Caps for Long Curly Hair – Best For Kids

Lahtak Kids Swim Cap for Long Curly Hair

Your kid got curly hair, and it does not matter short or long, but I can understand how hard it will be to manage and look after her hair.

Most kids play in swimming pools, take swimming classes, and some are just afraid of going into the swimming pool because of the worries, and you might also be fearful because of the damage that might be caused to their hair due to pool chemicals.

Keep those things on the other side, but how hard it is to dry, style, and comb your daughter’s hair after each takes over when her hair is wholly or partially wet.

Of course, it takes time and requires a lot of effort. Parents find it challenging to go through all those possible steps to make her hair in shape.

To overcome your fairness and protect your daughter’s hair from pool chemicals, Lahtak has finally heard the voice of parents and started designing swim caps for kids.

Lahtak swim cap is currently leading the market when you search for the best swim cap for kids with long curly hair, dreadlocks, and braids.

A traditional swim cap might not suit kids and teens because they might hardly press on the head to adjust the tightness.

It’s a simple logic in which the more hair you have, the more complex the head pressure.

So be careful when shopping for children’s swim caps because, after a few intervals, your kid might feel pain and headache.

But thanks to Lahtak for designing a loose-fit swim cap that doesn’t apply much pressure and nor tends to clinch the head.

The swim cap is made from pure silicone materials.

The function is divided into two parts; one part is for gripping the head, and it’s much elastic, so you can stretch it without any worries.

And the other part has no elasticity; it’s just on the top of your hairball or bun.

Generally speaking, the second part is to keep your hair bun secure, and the essential element is the edges that keep the hair safe from pool chemicals and prevent water from entering and leakage inside the swim cap.

Although, swim caps that claim to keep your hair 100% dry do not exist in the universe.

Maybe future technology enables us to develop something better, but for now, you cannot find a swim cap that keeps 100% of hair dry.

The same is the case for the Lahtak Kids swim cap, and in our test, we found that it keeps 97% of hair dry.

The Lahtak swim cap is available in four different colors and three sizes. If you like this version, you can purchase it for your kids or just for yourself because the size chart and sizes are for Youth, Kids, and toddlers.

  • Made from silicone and hypoallergenic materials
  • Tight fit and does not press head very hard
  • Best for girls with long curly hair
  • Reduce water drag
  • Keep 99% of hair dry
  • A lot of room for bulky and curly hair
  • Might hard to purchase a perfect fit for your kid because of the confusing size chart
  • Some amount of water might leak

6. COPOZZ Extra Large Swim Cap Stylish Design

COPOZZ Extra Large Stylish Swim Cap For Kinky Hair

The COPOZZ is a beautifully designed, elegant swim cap focusing on keeping your look stylish and keeping you unique from others in the swimming pool.

It is available in three different styles. These styles contain a printed black swan, cat, and a simple product logo.

I like the swan and cat version, and it’s also the most purchased edition because the design, look, and feel is eye-catching and makes you shine.

Apart from look and feel, COPOZZ is made from sturdy and flexible silicone materials featuring excellent elasticity.

The swim cap has plenty of room to cover long and thick curly hair without any problem.

It does not matter what type of hairstyle or size you have. Copozz swim caps have already got a lot of room to accommodate your beautiful hair and keep your look different from others.

I am personally inspired by the Copozz printed swim cap design and have recommended it in my other articles and to my fellow members.

There are many reasons, and one of them is the Copozz swim cap helps a lot in reducing water drag and helps prevent water from entering but not wholly.

We need to protect our hair from pool chemicals like chlorine and bacteria, and the Copozz swim cap can help you achieve your goals.

This stylish design is created with great care, and the creators have put pure silicone and avoided toxic and allergy materials to have a risk-free swimming experience.

The swim cap offers excellent elasticity so that you can stretch without any worries, and it will not cause any deformation.

It is a 3D ergonomic design and only works for extra-large curly hair.

Remember that there are other versions out there, so whenever you have decided to get a copy of the Copozz swim cap, make sure to select the correct size based on your hair length.

You can now throw away your worries of getting the best swim cap for curly hair because Copozz is compelling your demands features such as stretching, covering your ears and head but also helps to prevent water intake.

It can cover any hair based on the hairstyle and length and provide a convenient way of looking unique and different in the pool by giving a different and unique design, which I love to have.

If you are looking to purchase a stylish and elegant design swim cap for curly hair, you should discover more about Copozz.

It is available for Adults and kids of different sizes based on hair length.

  • Stylish and unique design
  • Unisex (adults and kids)
  • Odor-free
  • Very large and roomy
  • Reduce water drag
  • Cover ears and head
  • Fully elastic and can be stretch twice the size
  • Dry quickly
  • Snug fit around ear and head
  • Not completely Waterproof

7. Happy Mane Silicone Curly Hair Swim Cap Best Value for Money

Happy Mane Thick Curly Hair Swim Cap

If you don’t like the kids’ addition to the Lahtak swim cap but want to shop something great for your daughter or yourself, then Happy Mane’s brand new addition might help cover your kid’s curly hair.

Happy mane is a new company but growing very fastly because of its quality products.

Their kid’s swim cap is only made for kids with curly hair, dreadlocks, braids, extensions, and long hair.

It does have a lot of room and fits comfortably on multiple hair sizes and head circumference.

Sadly, the Happy mane swim cap is only available in a single color, but the color is PINK, which most girls love to have.

However, there is another black color, but most people love to purchase the pink one because it is visible in the pool.

It’s a simple yet powerful structure that makes swimming comfortable.

It is easy to put on because of the flexible silicone.

If you have very long hair going to waist-back, it might not work.

The cap does not have that broad space to accommodate too long hair. So keep that in mind.

Furthermore, the swim hat is available in different sizes, various from S-XL, which means adults can also get a copy.

The Happy Mane swim cap helps to keep curly hair secure from pool chemicals and water pressure.

We have recommended it to be the best swim cap for swimming classes for long curly hair.

The swim is soft and elastic that you can easily carry in a sports bag and makes it the best choice for regular swimmers.

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • 3D ergonomic and elegant design
  • Accommodate long curly hair and natural hair
  • Odour free
  • Available in multiple sizes (kids and adults)
  • Unisex
  • Easy to put on and off (Comfortable)
  • Hairlines might remain wet during swimming
  • Some users said it has slid off issue


Now, I hope you will have enough knowledge to pick the best swim cap for curly hair. 

We have spent several hours making this list to help you pick your dream swim cap for curly hair in just a matter of minutes instead of spending hours finding your dream swim cap.

There are different materials used in swim caps, such as silicone, latex, and lycra.

Still, silicone swim caps work excellent for curly hair because these types of swim caps have flexibility and elasticity and provide a much more convenient way to accommodate long and thick curly hair. 

Also, a silicone swim cap is easy to put on and off because of stretchability. 

Before selecting, make sure that you know your head circumference and hair length because these two things matter a lot in choosing the dream swim cap.

Secondly, choose silicone swim caps for curly hair because they are flexible, as explained earlier. 

Thirdly, there are a lot of colors, and it’s about personal preference. 

Once you have enough knowledge about swim caps, you can purchase your desired swim cap for curly hair in a minute. 

However, if you are shopping for kids or teens, we recommend checking our favorite swim cap for kids (Lahtak swim cap ranked no.5 on our list). 

If you choose one for yourself, then look at the top-3 recommended swim caps.

What other swim caps are you using for your beautiful curly hair? 

Do you have any specific whitelist or critical points that you check on before purchasing a swim? I would love to hear your feedback in the comment section if yes.

Jabran Ali
Jabran Ali
Jabran Ali is a swimming enthusiast, instructor, and testing swimming gears from the past 6 years. In these few years, he has got an extreme level of knowledge and achieved great goals. Now he knows the perfect swimming techniques and sharing his swimming life experience with Sportlia readers.


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