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10 Best Swim Cap For Dyed Hair

You may know the importance of a swim cap, and finally, you have dyed your beautiful hair and now looking for the best swim cap for dyed hair. 

best swim cap for color treated hair

I know you might be worrying about chlorine, salty water, bacteria, and harmful chemicals in the pool that can change your hair color and cause severe damage. 

You should be worried because chlorine is not only harmful to normal hair but also to dyed hair. If you try to swim without a swim cap, you will get patches and shades on your hair and head, leading toward severe damage. 

Many people misuse the term that swim caps are only designed to keep hair dry, but that’s not true because no swim cap can keep your dyed hair 100% dry. 

Yes, most of them can help you keep at least 98-99% of your hair dry, but water may reach the edges, and your small amount of hair will get wet. 

So, I want you to have a clear-cut idea of what a swim cap does. Because later on, you won’t face anything wrong. 

A swim cap’s main job is to pack your hair in one place and keep them away from your face while swimming as you might have faced some situations that hair will flood on your face and will stop you from swimming faster. 

Not just that, but a swim cap reduces the flow and drag of water so that you can swim even faster and will be easy for you to achieve your targeted goals. 

Now you know that swimming with dyed hair can affect your hair in different ways such as harmful chemicals, sunlight, salt in the water, and you must need a swim cap to overcome such situations. 

In this guide, we have collected a list of the 10 best swim caps for dyed hair. 

Each swim cap is different and offers various features, quality, sizes, styling, pros, and cons. Well, we have covered them all.

Top 10 Best Swim Caps for Dyed Hair in 2024

You can’t just go to buy one for dyed hair. You have to look for several factors. It is essential to find the best choice because chlorine can cause severe issues for colored hair.

Don’t worry; we have made a list of the ten best swim caps for dyed hair. If you are in a hurry, the below comparison table is for you. You can easily make your selection from the table. However, have patience and read the detailed reviews of each item.

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Reviews of the 10 Best Swim Cap For Dyed Hair in 2024

Every swim cap listed here offers something different and unique. Let’s find out why these are our selected swim caps for dyed hair.

1. Speedo Unisex Swim Cap – Best Overall [Editor’s Choice]

Speedo swim cap for dyed hair

The Speedo silicone swim cap is the most preferred choice and one of the best swim cap for dyed hair because the silicone feels pleasant on the head and shields your color-treated hair from harmful chemicals to avoid color loss.

If you are old enough to swim, you might have heard about Speedo from one of your instructors, friends, or relatives. 

I am just highlighting and letting you know how popular Speedo is when it comes to purchasing your swimming accessories. 

Today, we have their most purchased unisex silicone swim cap that gives comfort to your dyed hair and keeps them secure from chlorine, bacteria, salty water, and other substances.

If you are low on a budget but want to have a soft, reliable, and quality swim cap for your dyed hair, then you can’t go wrong with their 3D ergonomic design swim cap. 

The Speedo makes sure to give you the best swimming experience because they made this design from %100 silicon materials leading to great determination. 

Due to premium silicone, now remove all the worries of snug or pulling hair because your swim cap will last longer, and you will always have your target to be achieved quickly. 

Furthermore, if you have latex allergies, this swim cap is for you because it does not contain latex. 

Besides that, there is a lot of room to accommodate your long hair and keep them secure. 

It is best for someone with shoulder hair, and it does not matter if you have dyed hair or normal hair, but the swim cap is designed to benefit you in a dynamic way to protect your hair from every kind of swimming trouble. 

If you have long dyed hair, you can’t go wrong with a Speedo swim cap because they keep their customers happy, and the swim caps provide a comfortable swimming experience. 

You may know that no swim cap is going to keep your hair 100% dry. The same is the case for Speedo; it will help you keep most of your hair dry, but water may still get in to wet your hair edges.

  • Don’t pull hair
  • Latex Free
  • Made from 100% premium silicone materials
  • Available in 27 different colors and textures
  • Very soft and doesn’t burden on your head
  • Fit easily
  • Lightweight
  • Fit on Long and thick hair
  • It does not come in different sizes, so that it might be uncomfortable for large head circumference.
  • It does not keep hair dry

2. Lahtak – Best Swim Cap for Very Long dyed Hair

Lahtak the Best Swim Cap for Very Long dyed Hair

If you have long hair and are looking for the best swim cap to protect colored hair, look no more because we have Lahtak swim caps.

Lahtak swim caps are designed for very long dyed hair because it keeps long hair secure, comfortable, and dry.

It does not matter how long your hair is and what type of dyed hair you have, such as curly braids, locks, dreadlocks, etc. This swim cap has enough room to accommodate them.

The swim cap is available in six different colors, but you have to be sure of the color you choose because some colors are available for smaller sizes. Of course, that will fit kids, girls, and teens with shorter hair and smaller heads circumference.

However, it is straightforward; there are two sizes; “X” for kids and “XL” for adults with very long hair.

You might have experienced that most swim caps have high tightness pressure on the head. And have less room for hair that results in a headache, and you feel uncomfortable.

These tensions have vanished because the Lahtak swim cap is soft, and you will feel very smooth on the head just like a headband.

You will not feel it harder because one part of the swim cap presses your head to protect your hair from water, while the other part is the actual thing in which your bun or ponytail will sit.

Quality defines a product; it is made from silicon materials that result in no sliding off and pulling issues. This also reduces the drag of water, so you will keep focusing on achieving your target efficiently.

Lahtak stands one step ahead of Speedo in terms of customer service and quality. Like Speedo, this swim cap is also allergy-free, and the materials are so strong it can’t be easily broken or torn.

If you find something wrong or don’t like the swim hat, you can apply for a refund, and they offer a 90-days money-back guarantee.

Although we have already said that no swim cap can keep your hair dry, the proper use of Lahtak swim caps can help you a bit.

You can adjust the tightness by removing all the air to prevent water from entering inside, but only the edges of your hair might get wet.

Lahtak swim caps are your ultimate solution for different kinds of hair and swim laps or competitions.

If you want to keep your hair secure and enjoy maximum comfort straight out of the box while swimming, there isn’t a better choice than Lahtak.

  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Very soft
  • No more problematic pressing on the head
  • Fit on every type of hair
  • Different sizes for kids and adults
  • Massive space for dyed hair
  • Offer ear protection (but does not comes with an earplug)
  • 90-days money-back guarantee
  • Does not help to keep all water out

3. Dsane 3D Ergonomic Silicone Swim Capbest for protecting colored hair

Dsane silicone swim cap is best for protecting colored hair

Dsane is another ideal swim cap for long dyed hair. If you are looking for the best swim cap for color-treated hair, you must look here to the Dsane swim cap features.

It does not matter what type of swimming activities you like to do; the only thing you need is to make sure that your hair should be secure from pool chemicals and sunlight.

Whenever you want to secure your hair color while swimming, you need a swim cap that comfortably fits your head and combines all your hair into one place.

For now, Dsane can help you achieve your professional yet straightforward swimming goals because it is designed for small to medium hair to keep your locks secure and tangle-free. Thus, you will only focus on your target without worrying about dyed hair.

You can assure the quality because it is made from silicone which means it won’t wear and tear even after applying a lot of stretches.

You can stretch the swim cap as much as you can and put it on your head because it provides excellent elasticity. If you have a large or small head circumference, you can stretch the swim cap, which will fit your head with ease.

Furthermore, the packages come with free accessories like a Nose clip and earplugs that enable you to swim freely, and you will have an optimal swimming experience.

On the one hand, Dsane is the best swim cap to protect colored hair. On the other hand, the bonus kit is protecting the ear and nose from water.

You can quickly put it on and off without snagging hair, and the best part is the cap can be adjusted to cover your neck and forehead.

Dsane swim cap is a unisex 3D ergonomic design and fits all sizes. It has a large space for hair and is best for kids and adults with dyed hair.

The swim cap is available in different colors, but the cool thing is; some models come two in one pack. Sadly, you have to pay extra bucks, but you will get them at a significant discount.

  • Unisex
  • Perfect for small to medium hair
  • Thicker and flexible design
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Soft
  • Made from non-toxic and allergy-free silicone materials
  • Comes with a nose clip and earplugs
  • Highly elastic – no deformation
  • 100% lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Does not fit on very long hair
  • The neck and forehead hair might get wet

4. SWIM ELITE Swim Cap – Best For Reducing Water Drag

SWIM ELITE Swim Cap For dyed hair to Reduce Water Drag

SWIM ELITE swim caps keep your hair healthy and comfortable.

The cap is designed with proper consideration to ensure you have the best swimming experience at different water levels.

You can maximize your swimming and even swim faster by using their ergonomic design that is easy to put on and off without snagging your hair.

If you are worrying that chlorine can transform your hair color and cause further damage, then Swim Elite can overwhelm your problem because it is made from silicone and will not cause hair quandaries.

They make sure you have a perfect and safe swimming journey. Thus the company provides a nose clip with the package. Due to it, no more water in your nose.

Thanks to the silicone materials that make this swim cap odorless and allergy-free. Eventually, provide you with better functionalities and unique collections. This will, of course, keep your more hair secure than older versions of Swim Elites.

There are nine different colors, and different sizes vary from S to XL. You can now choose your favorite color, along with your hair size and head circumference.

Make sure to keep this in mind because this swim cap is designed for long and short hair, and choosing the wrong size can put you into trouble.

Swim Elites swim caps are unisex and look fashionable on men and women, but the main target is to keep your dyed hair secure inside and avoid water going. And they are entirely professional in their services, so you will not be disappointed with their unique creation.

  • Excellent product quality
  • Available in 9 different colors
  • Ergonomic design
  • easy to put on and off
  • Fit well on medium to long hair
  • Reduce water drag
  • Available in various sizes like S to XL
  • Made from 100% safe materials
  • Protect your ear
  • Nose clip included
  • Keep 96% of hair dry
  • Not suitable for XL (Very Long) hair

5. Aegend Swim Caps (2 Pack) – Budget Pick

Aegend the best swim cap for color treated hair

Aegend swim cap is designed for professional and recreation swimming enthusiasts.

If you are pro or just started, but need a swim cap that is easy to put & off and protects your dyed hair. All these qualities are available in the Aegend swim cap.

However, the swim cap mostly fits well on small to medium-sized long hair because this swim hat is thick and built to accommodate your long color-treated hair volume.

It does not matter what type of hairstyle you have; it can easily cover long and thick, braided, and dreadlocks hair.

Furthermore, they have used sturdy and very thick silicone in the creation of this excellent pack.

Aegend makes sure you are having a wonderful experience because the cap is tear-resistant, odorless, and completely non-toxic.

The silicone leads the wonderful creation toward excellent elasticity. The swim cap can be easily stretched and will not be deformation.

Many swimmers might find it harder to build pressure points and prevent water from reducing drags because some low-quality swim caps cannot help you achieve your goals. But thanks to Aegend, this swim cap has an ergonomic design and a comfortable fit.

Now you don’t need to face any more issues of snag and pulling hair. With Aegend, you will have a perfect swimming experience because the swim cap helps to accommodate your hair quickly and does not apply harder pressure on your head.

Aegend is less expensive, and they offer you a great opportunity by sending two swim caps in one pack. And the best thing is; it fits well on almost every type of small to medium-long dyed hair. So you can keep both of them.

Many swimmers prefer to wear two swim caps at the same time for a better experience. Why not experience them. By reading the review, I am sure you will be pleased in terms of quality.

They also have different versions for Adults and kids, make sure to have a check on them.

  • Comfortable for long, thick, and shoulder hair
  • Thicker than most swim caps
  • Highly elastic
  • Tear resistance
  • 12-month replacement guarantee
  • Elegant and asymmetric design
  • Wrinkle-free
  • A little hard to get on with braids
  • Edges of your hair will get wet
  • If you have a larger head circumference, then it will not cover your ear

6. TYR Sport Long Hair Silicone Swim Cap – Best for Normal use

TYR Sport Long Hair Silicone Swim  for colored hair

TYR swim cap is wrinkle-free and made from premium silicone materials that ensure you have strength for comfortable swimming. 

Most professionals and recreational are now turning toward TYR because they have the best swim cap for dyed hair, which works as a defense system against chlorine, bacteria, and other substances in the pool. 

It is a unique asymmetric design and works very well on long hair. 

There are also no issues of water resistance and drag, which helps to maximize your swimming speed. 

TYR swim caps work very well on small to medium size dyed hair because the hat covers your hair from every aspect and keeps them together comfortably. 

However, your head will be comfortable with their realistic and elastic, professionally built swim cap, and you will not feel anything hard on your head. 

We have noticed that this swim cap is not too lightweight like others because it is very thick and soft.

The cap is available in six different colors, including white, blue, black, mint, white, and purple. 

Now you can choose your favorite color because these colors are trendy among people. 

If you want a swim cap to protect dyed hair and ears from water and pool chemicals, TYR can help you achieve your target. 

Still, some water may get into the edges of the cap. If you try to use it with a headband, this can help you keep most of your hair dry (personal suggestion). You may put the headband first and then wear the swim cap on it.

  • Extremely durable
  • Prevent water from reaching into the ear
  • Reduce drag
  • Made from 100% silicone materials
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Asymmetric design
  • Does not fit on the large head circumference with very long hair
  • It slips off while swimming
  • Too tight

7. Aegend Unisex Swim Caps – Best for Training

Aegend Unisex Swim Cap for color treated hair

Another Aegend swim cap on our list offers the same flexibility and features but a small difference in the price, fit, and feel. 

This one has less space for hair and accommodates short and long hair. But still, it helps to quickly adapt your hair and cover your ears to provide extreme level protection to your hair and ear. 

The swim cap has larger ear pockets to keep your ears comfortable, and it will not pressure them. 

You will indeed have a wonderful experience because the cap is designed from odorless and non-toxic silicone materials. The materials used in this swim cap make it a standalone option and last longer than others.

It features excellent elasticity that can be easily stretched. Thus, you can pull it as required for putting your dyed hair, and the swim cap will keep them secure.

The cap is pretty large and has massive room to accommodate different hair lengths such as thick, short, long, and shoulder hair. 

Most swim caps might slip and do not fit well. But Aegend is a better choice if you want an anti-slip and thicker swim cap for your dyed hair because it reduces pressure and provides more comfort to your lovely colored hair. 

It is a very thick and ergonomic design adding the next level of professionality in your look. 

The swim cap fits on your head and covers all the areas thoroughly to avoid water pressure. Furthermore, it does not snag or pull hair.

If you are looking for a durable, flexible, and high-quality elastic swim cap for dyed hair that does not tear and wear even after stretching. Then, the Aegend should be your choice because it fits very well on short and long dyed hair and offers excellent protection against chlorine.

Further, the company offers up to 12 months of a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

You know, whenever water goes into your ears. It will hurt them; we recommend you go with this swim cap because it provides extreme protection for ears and prevents water from reaching there.

  • Ear pocket
  • Inexpensive (2 swim caps in one pack but still less expensive)
  • Unisex
  • fit on all size
  • Thicker and elastic design
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Aegend has different swim hats for different ages of people (age sizes start from 2 years and so on).
  • Non-toxic and allergy-free
  • Comfortable fit
  • Available in six different colors
  • Water may start leaking slowly to your ears after being in the water for more than 30 minutes
  • Edges of your hair will get wet

8. COPOZZ Kids/Adult Swim Caps – Best Stylish and elegant design

COPOZZ Swim Cap for dyed hair

Everyone wants to look different and professional. There are different kinds of fashionable and creative swimsuits and other swimming gear out there.

However, if you need a swim cap to look different from others than the COPOZZ swim cap should be your choice. It looks very cool and realistic because of its unique design.

On the front side, the animals are printed, which gives a new look and feel to the swimming cap.

The swim cap is available in different printed designs such as cat, crown, flamingo, shark, and Crocodile, etc.

Most of the patterns are black and white, while some of them are colorful and fit very well on the head.

Copozz swim caps are designed for both kids and adults.

It does not matter if you have short or long pigment hair, but the swim cap is strong enough to keep most of your hair dry and protect them from pool chemicals.

The swim cap can also protect your ear from water, but if you have a large head and short hair, you might find it a little uncomfortable.

They have a solution for that; the swim cap is available in different variations based on your hair size.

There is another Extra large swim cap especially designed for very long hair.

If you have very long dyed curly hair, dreadlocks, braids, or Afro hair, then you must purchase that specific version.

The swim cap is made from soft and stretchable silicone materials to fulfill your swimming needs.

Copozz design swimming caps with great care and ensures you don’t face any difficulties.

The swim cap is pretty good because it dries quickly and lasts longer.

The stretching enables you to adjust it easily on your head. It is lightweight and not too tight, so you don’t feel anything hard and will keep enjoying your swimming.

  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Feature great elasticity
  • Stretchable
  • Perfect for Adults and kids with long and short hair
  • Snug fit
  • Excellent Quality
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Require proper care to last longer

9. Tripsky Silicone Swim Cap – Best for Medium Long Hair

Tripsky Silicone Swim Cap for medium long dyed hair

Tripsky is not too popular, but we find this option is the best swim caps for dyed hair because it is comfortable and ideal for short, thick, curly, and medium-size long hair. 

The design is pretty good and straightforward, but there are some kinds of bubbles that give it a realistic look.

If you are looking for a swim cap, not just to cover your dyed hair but reduce fractions and drag of water, then Tripsky is a better option to choose. 

The swim cap is durable and provides comfort to be easily put on and off. 

It is made from 100% silicone materials that enable excellent elasticity. 

You can stretch and still no deformation. Your hair will remain comfortable, and the swim cap will keep them secure from bacteria, chlorine, and pool chemicals. 

Most swim caps have an issue of sliding off and do not stick to one place. Tripsky has conquered somehow on the issue, and you will not face them anymore. 

It is available in ten different colors, which suit women and men. You can choose your favorite one without any trouble because this swim cap does not have size versions, and each version fits on everyone. 

You will see that most swim caps are designed for warm water, while others are designed for cool. 

However, the Tripsky swim cap is a formidable competitor for others because they believe in their struggle. The swim cap is a perfect solution for every type of swimming activity and water condition. 

Furthermore, it is lightweight, less expensive, and best for recreational and competitive swimmers who want to have optimum swimming performance.

  • Provide significant tightness around the head
  • Stylish design
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Does not slip from head
  • Thicker
  • Accommodate medium size (long, thick, curly, braided, and shoulder hair)
  • Latex-free
  • Suitable for all type of head shapes
  • Pretty good for all kind of swimming activities
  • Comes with a nose clip and earplug
  • It is not recommended for very short hair because the cap has a lot of room and might look funny on your head.
  • The edges of hair will get wet

10. Arena Silicone Swim Cap – Best Value for Money

Arena Silicone Swim Cap

Arena swim caps is another silicone packed and best swim cap for colored hair. 

They are here in the swimming industry and growing day night because of their quality products.

The swim cap is designed for short hair. 

It is also small in size and accommodates less hair because the cap’s size is not too large but fits nicely on short hair. 

Since the swim cap’s size is so small, it might be a little hard to put on. 

Still, you can adjust it quickly because it can be stretched and open according to your head size but what I like is that it will stick on your head and not move or slide off during swimming, which is the best thing about the Arena swim cap. 

Arena swim caps can be used for different swimming activities, from personal to professional swimming competitions. 

As you are looking to keep your dyed hair secure from pool chemicals, Arena can provide better results in keeping dyed hair dry. 

They not only offer great flexibility features but also keep you unique from others. You can have a perfect matching color according to your swimsuit because of the variety of colors and designs. 

The styles are unique, and there are 27 different designs, colors, and versions of Arena swim caps. 

If you are looking for the best classic silicone swim cap for dyed hair, then Arena can impress you in multiple ways. 

They are giving swimmers many advantages from choosing a design to keep your hair protected and secured. 

Also, there are different versions for kids and adults, but sadly they all are available for short hair. 

If you have long, thick, or waist-length hair, then Arena is not your best swim cap for dyed hair because it won’t fit long hair.

They have some other designs that might work on long hair but not sure about dyed hair because you need extra protection for safeguarding dyed hair.

  • Polyvinyl chloride free
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Best for short dyed hair
  • Different colors to choose
  • Tight fit
  • Durable
  • Keep 99% hair dry
  • Stick around the head tightly
  • Stay in place
  • Does not protect ears from water (depending on head size)
  • Not for long hair
  • Require some efforts to put on


A swim cap is essential for dyed hair because chlorine and other substances of the pool can change your hair color and damage them badly. 

We know what works for dyed or bleached hair and thus listed some of the best swim cap for dyed hair. So at the end of the day, it depends on your personal preference. 

However, there are some essential things that you have to bear in mind before purchasing a swim cap for dyed hair. 

Like, you have to pick the appropriate size based on your head circumference and hair length. 

There are swim caps for short, medium, and extra-long hair; you have to go according to your hair size. 

Another thing to be considered is the swim cap quality. Because quality defines the future of the product, the better materials a company used for production, the better it will perform. 

You should be aware that no swim cap can completely keep your hair 100% dry. 

Now you might be thinking that your hair will get wet and you will lose your hair color. But, a swim cap can protect and secure your color-treated hair from the chlorine that causes more damage to your hair.

In other words, swim caps can keep your 98-99% hair dry, and you will not need to wash them again and again after each swim. 

We have listed you the best swim caps to protect colored hair or dyed hair. Now the choice is yours!

Please, let us know what your favorite swim cap is? And what works for your dyed hair?

I would love to hear your suggestions and feedback in the comment section.

Jabran Ali
Jabran Ali
Jabran Ali is a swimming enthusiast, instructor, and testing swimming gears from the past 6 years. In these few years, he has got an extreme level of knowledge and achieved great goals. Now he knows the perfect swimming techniques and sharing his swimming life experience with Sportlia readers.


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