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10 Best Swim Caps for Black Hair

Are you searching for the best swim caps for Black Hair? Look no more; the following article contains exactly what you need comprehensively.

Whether you are a professional swimmer, athlete, or a newbie, a swimming cap is among the must-have gears.

Because with the best swim cap for your natural hair, you will have the best swimming experience.

The swim cap is essential to maintain your hair and keep them secure throughout the swimming session without having to flip it away from your face every moment. Thus you will have easy and ample time to swim.

However, finding a swim cap for normal hair is easy, but for black hair, it’s hard because there are very few swim caps in the market that accommodate long and bulky hair. But don’t worry, we have done all the homework for you.

So with the best swim cap, your hair will have protection from the harsh treatment chemicals meant to keep the pool safe for swimming.

Therefore, if you love a bit of self-care and need to protect your precious and beautiful hair, then swim caps are an excellent solution.

A swim cap provides durability and water resistance, which are the main features that keep your black hair safe and secure from harmful chemicals in the swimming pool.

To ensure you have the best swimming experience – we have selected swim caps based in various sizes that can support smaller heads of toddlers or more giant adult heads with unmanageable bulky hair.

So whether you need a cap for long hair, short hair, braids, dreadlocks, afros, or curly black hair, the following review delivers precisely that.

I have also listed some elegant, stylish, and fashionable designs to make you look stylish and different from others in the pool.

And that’s not all; you’ve been provided with an exclusive selection of the 10 best swim caps for black hair.

This list has been well researched to ensure you only get the best.

You end up with precisely what you need; you are provided with a comprehensive buyer’s guide to guide you through making the best choice of swim cap that your hair needs.

Top 10 Best Swim Caps for Black Hair Compared

To make it easy for you to choose the best swimming cap for bulky hair, here is a comparison table of the 10 best black hair caps to help you quickly select the perfect one.

Without further ado, let’s give a quick look at the table below;

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Reviewing 10 Best Swim caps For Black Hair in 2024

If you have time, I recommend you go through the detailed review of each swim cap to find out what suits you and which one will obey your needs.

Dsane Extra Large Swimming Cap

Dsane Extra Large Unisex Swimming Cap for Long Hair

If you are searching for the best swim cap for long thick hair, then Dsane is one of the excellent choices to go with.

The cap has been designed with flexible material to stretch and accommodate a large bulk of hair.

Thus, whether you have dreadlocks, curly hair, long and thick hair, or braids and weaves, the cap will fit comfortably.

But that’s not all; for durability, the cap is made from 100% silicone materials, which are very long-lasting and resistant to premature wear and tear.

Furthermore, the Dsane swim cap material has undergone extensive research and tests that guarantee the durability and safety of your hair because it’s BPA and toxin-free.

Additionally, the cap is unisex and perfect for either gender. And it also comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste.

Key features

  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Maintaining your hair dry
  • Toxic-free
  • Unisex
  • Flexible and durable
  • Made from 100% silicone
  • Chlorine damage protection
  • Lifetime warranty with 100% hassle-free money-back guarantee
  • The durable silicone material that safeguards your hair against toxic treatment chemicals in the pool
  • Great for reducing drag when you are swimming
  • Great capacity and stretchable to fit your hair with less effort
  • Firm fit to stay intact while swimming
  • Maybe uncomfortable if you have either short hair or a small head.

PURPLE Silicone Swim or Shower Cap

XL PURPLE is another best swim cap for black hair, specifically designed for all water activities.

So whether you want the cap for swimming, showering, or deep diving, this cap is an excellent choice among other black hair swim caps.

Its material is purely 100% silicone for sturdiness and easy stretches to accommodate your hair and fit on your head.

The key feature of this cap is its extra-large size.

So if you want a cap that easily fits bulky hair with a maximum length of 20 inches, then Purple XL is an excellent choice.

The cap has been designed to support the heads of kids who are as young as five years old and adults.

So if you are planning to get a swim cap for yourself and your child, you can choose Purple with a similar color collection.

In terms of quality and flexibility Lock Journey (Purple) product will not disappoint you.

Last but not least, the swim cap is designed from silicone material which is an excellent choice for protecting your hair from water and its toxic elements.

Key features

  • Very large compared to the average XL cap
  • Supports a maximum hair length of 20-inches
  • Great for both swimming and showering
  • Support kids from 5 years to adults.
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Large capacity
  • Great for all water activities
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Smooth and fits firmly
  • Unisex purple color
  • It can be toned by sharp hair holders.

SOUL CAP XXL swimming cap

SOUL CAP swimming cap For Curly Hair

Are you searching for a swimming cap that can accommodate your long and voluminous hair?

If Yes, then the SOUL CAP XXL Swimming cap is the best choice to opt for.

It comes with an XXL size capacity that can accommodate any bulky hair, whether weaves, dreadlocks, hair extensions, curls, afros, or long hair.

That’s why Soul Cap is one of the best swim caps for African American hair.

It’s a unisex cap that supports both genders comfortably, so if you want to share your cap with your colleagues, whether male or female. It won’t be a problem.

Although swimming is a healthy exercise, the strong and harsh chemicals meant to keep it healthy are toxic and harmful to your hair.

For this reason, the SOUL CAP XXL Swimming cap offers the best form of defense against harmful chemicals in the swimming pool.

With its large capacity, you will be able to protect every inch of hair on your head.

Furthermore, the cap’s silicone material is flexible for easy wearing, fitting, and removing when done.

And that’s not all; it’s well-engineered to last and highly BPA-free.

If you are unsatisfied with the product, you have up to 3 months of the money-back guarantee.

Key features

  • Silicone with premium quality
  • Durable
  • Extra-large capacity to accommodate bulky hair.
  • Free from BPA and toxic chemicals
  • Toxic-free
  • Lightweight
  • High water resistance
  • Reduces drag while swimming
  • Can tear when overstretched

Kraiovim XL BLACK Swim/Shower cap

Kraiovim XL BLACK Swim Cap for Black Hair

XL BLACK is among the best swimming cap choices for bulky hair, braids, or even dreadlocks.

This is because the cap has a considerable capacity to comfortably accommodate a significant volume of hair.

The flexible silicone material allows for an easy and comfortable fit.

The fascinating thing about this cap is the sizing. It has been designed for both toddlers as well as adults.

So, if you are looking for a swim/shower cap for you and your child, look no further as XL BLACK is the exact beast you will want for your black hair.

In terms of functionality, the cap material is pure silicone.

It means it’s water-resistant, durable, and offers excellent protection of your hair from the harsh water of the swimming pool.

Despite this cap’s prominent capacity feature, this brand also offers various sizes that can fit a 5-year-old apart from adults.

Just like Lock Journey (Purple), this cap can also accommodate a maximum of 20-inch long hairs.

So wearing this cap on any black hair will not be a problem and you will feel it easy on your head.

Key features

  • Best for both adults and toddlers
  • Very durable
  • 100% silicone
  • Toxic-free
  • Considerable capacity for hair
  • Easy to wear and comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Fits very well
  • Water resistance
  • Has a limit of 20-inch hair length

LAHTAK Long Hair Swim Cap

LAHTAK Best Swim Cap for Long Hair

If you have extra-long black hair, then a Long Hair Swim Cap is a perfect choice.

In fact, it’s the best swim cap for American people who love to keep long hair.

The Lahtak swim cap offers an excellent fit for curly braids, dreadlocks, and long hair.

Therefore if you are looking for the best swim cap for extra lengthy hair, look no more; Long Hair Swim Cap is exactly what you should get.

It comes with a loose-fit design to easily manage your hair when put on.

This lets you put it on without pressing your hair ponytail, bun, or sliding off when removing.

Although no swim cap keeps hair dry, Lahtak is beneficial in maintaining up to 95% of your hair dry.

To adjust the fitness, you can press all the hair out once it’s on your head, and it will become tight automatically.

For those who love a bit of style in everything, this product delivers precisely that. It comes with a stylish and elegant design, which complements your looks.

The Lahtak swim cap is also a silicone material to deliver a flexible and comfortable experience.

And that’s not all; it comes with a three months money-back guarantee if the product does not satisfy you.

Key features

  • 100% dry hair maintenance
  • Loose-fit style
  • Extra durability
  • Large capacity
  • Fashionable with elegant design
  • 100% free from allergen
  • Perfect for extra long hair
  • Flexible and soft
  • Great hair protection
  • A little heavy on the head

SOUL CAP XL swimming cap

SOUL CAP Extra Large Swimming Cap for Curly Hair

SOUL CAP XL swimming cap has been specifically designed for long and bulky hair.

Thus it’s a great choice if you have a weave, Dreadlocks, Hair extensions, Curls and Afros, Braids, or Longhair.

With an extra room capacity, your hair will fit perfectly and still have enough to breathe.

The design has been engineered to be fully water-resistant.

This will protect your hair from harsh elements in the swimming pool water.

In terms of material, it’s made from 100% silicone with premium quality. This material guarantees both durability as well as the flexibility of the cap.

Furthermore, the cap is multi-functional; you can use it in the shower, swimming, or in other water activities.

The colors and design are also great for both men and women and fit nicely dyed black hair.

If you still have doubts about getting the cap, it comes with a 90-day guarantee.

Key features

  • 100% silicone with premium quality
  • Specific design for voluminous and long hair
  • Full protection from harsh chemicals in swimming pool water
  • Toxic-free and friendly to the skin
  • Great hair capacity
  • Water resistance
  • Unisex
  • Stylish design
  • Easily tear if excess force is applied

Firesara Swimming Cap

Firesara Swimming Cap

It’s pretty challenging to get a great swim cap that is comfortable and fits perfectly with long black hair.

But with FIRESARA’S extra-large swimming cap, all your long hair challenges are history.

The cap has been designed with the best swim cap material.

With 100% silicone, it comes with flexibility and a tight fit that is comfortable on your head.

So whether you have a small or large head with long hair, it comes with a two size fit. Thus it’s an excellent choice if you have curly hair, unmanageable hair, long hair, braids, dreadlocks, Afro hair, or crochet mambo.

For swimmers who love a bit of style and show off, they are also not left behind.

This design comes with an elegant and fashionable style.

The swim cap also includes bonus accessories such as nose clips and earplugs.

Lastly, you have a three-month money-back warranty if the product does not satisfy you.

Key Features

  • Fashionable in Elegant Style
  • Bulky hair protection
  • 100% silicone
  • 3D Ergonomic style
  • Extra-large hair capacity
  • Easy to wear as well as remove
  • Great Water resistance
  • Very safe and toxic-free
  • Best for extra long hair
  • Comfortable
  • Not suitable for short hair.

Happy Mane Silicone Swim Cap

Happy Mane Silicone Swim Cap

Are you looking for the best swim cap for toddlers?

Then Happy Mane XL is what you should get.

This cap comes in two sizes- the large size perfect for kids’ small heads and an extra-large size that fits any adult hair.

In terms of comfort, it’s straightforward to put on and remove them at your pleasure.

The perfect fit allows for the best protection against chlorine water, thus helping in maintaining your hair dry throughout your swimming session.

It’s also made from high-quality and durable silicone that can go for many seasons of water sports.

The Happy Mane Swim Cap also comes with PVC bags for storing it while not convenient.

Thus, you can easily carry the cap along with you and use it whenever you need it.

The carrying bag will help keep the swim cap in shape, which will increase its lifespan.

Happy Mane XL Swim cap has a simple and chill-out design great for both men and women.

Therefore, it’s a great choice of swim cap that delivers the best hair protection for black hair and allows you to keep your style.

Key features

  • Best quality silicone material
  • Unisex
  • Great protection from water
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Non-toxic and BPA free
  • Extra durability
  • Unique and stylish design
  • Water resistance
  • Great quality
  • Allows for multipurpose use of on-water activities
  • Complaints about having a loose fit

Sargoby Swim Cap

Sargoby Swim Cap For Long Black Hair

Still not sure which size is perfect for you or your toddlers?

Then say hello to Sargoby XL Swim/shower cap.

This swim cap is the best for toddlers as it comes in a single size that fits any size of the head and can accommodate any length of hair.

So whether you are finding a black hair swim cap for your friend, or kids or buying one for yourself, it comes with a perfect fir assurance.

This swim cap features an extra-large capacity that fits any hairstyle.

So whether you have braids, afros weave, dreadlocks, long or curly, or thick hair, it will fit perfectly.

It is made from pure silicone with a complex thermal process to offer you flexibility and durability during the swimming session for a longer-lasting service.

Moreover, it has a water resistance capability to keep your hair away from the harmful effects of chlorine water.

But don’t get me wrong that it’s gonna keep 100% of your hair dry. No such swim cap can save 100% of hair drying.

So in our test, we have found that some water still gets inside to make your hair wet.

And that’s not all; it’s very comfortable and an excellent gift for swim lovers.

If you are not satisfied with this product, there is a full money-back guarantee. So it’s all fun!

Key features

  • Long hair, dreadlocks, and braids can easily fit inside.
  • Two Sizes
  • Big capacity
  • Great hair protection from water
  • Unisex
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Toxic-free
  • Comfortable and durable
  • 100% silicone material
  • Maintain your hair dry
  • It’s a bit tight for some users.nIn our test, we have found that hair still gets wet.

FUNOWN swim cap

FUNOWN swim cap

The FUNOWN swim cap is another best for long thick black hair.

The cap will fit perfectly and accommodate your hair comfortably.

This cap supports various hairstyles such as braids, curly hair, extensions, thick hair, dreadlocks, or long hair to ensure you are not left out at all costs.

While swimming, it fits perfectly around your head, blocking water entry and maintains your hair dry throughout the swimming session.

It is flexible and easy to wear and remove at your convenience.

To guarantee customer satisfaction, you have up to three months of a money-back guarantee.

Therefore, it will be worth it to experience the best swimming session with dry hair assurance by getting a FUNOWN swim cap for your hair.

Key Features

  • 100% silicone material
  • Large hair volume protection
  • Perfect for long hair
  • Dry hair assurance
  • Durable material
  • Guarantees customer satisfaction
  • Complete water resistance
  • Comfortable on head
  • Flexible and simple to put on
  • Not suitable if you have short hair

How To Choose The Best Swim Cap for Black Hair [Buying Guide]

To help you choose the best Swim caps for black hair, you must bear some essential considerations in your mind.

Once you know the most important factors for purchasing a swimming cap, it will become straightforward to get the desired one.

Have a look at the buyer guide below;

1. Types of swimming caps

In the market, you will encounter different types of swimming caps.

Some come with different brands, designs, or materials.

In terms of materials, three major types are common.

These are Lycra, Silicone, or Latex.

  • Silicon Caps

If you have bulky and long hair, then silicone caps are the best choice.

They are perfect for swimming in the open water. They are very popular as the best protection from harsh chemical treatment in the swimming pool.

What’s more, they are characterized by excellent water resistance, flexibility, and, most of all, extra durability.

These types of caps are easy to wear and non-pull on your hair.

  • Latex Caps

Most of the swim caps manufactured with latex material are the most inexpensive in the market.

But despite their low prices, they are very assuring in protecting your hair from toxic and harsh chemicals used to maintain the pools safe.

The latex caps have top-notch hydrodynamic qualities that deliver the best swimming experience.

The only limitation that this material comes with is the potential to cause allergies.

What’s more, this material is non-flexible and quite challenging when put on.

Lastly, this type of cap only lasts for a short period since it’s prone to wear and tear.

  • Lycra Caps

Apart from the ordinary swimming activities, Lycra is an excellent choice for professional swimmers, water aerobics, or other water athletics.

These swim caps are famous for being very comfortable and great for any water activities you could think of.

Compared to the types mentioned above, Lycra caps rank as the best in terms of durability.

However, it has setbacks, such as the inability to secure your hair from the harsh elements of pool water.

Additionally, it tends to lose elasticity faster than the types mentioned above.

Moreover, Lycra caps are free from hydrodynamic qualities that create an intriguing swimming experience.

However, this type of cap still beats the above two types in terms of popularity. Lycra caps are more common among competitor swimmers than the above two kinds.

  • Neoprene Caps

Neoprene caps are among the best material choices if you need a swim cap for open water.

In fact, it’s the same material used to manufacture an average wet suit. Thus it’s able to deliver warmth in cold water.

Moreover, it’s an excellent choice for sea swimming or being part of a triathlon.

Do You Know Which are the most popular swim caps for black hair?

Silicone and Latex are the most used swim caps for different swimming activities.

Most professional swimmers prefer two swim caps. They wear two swim caps together; a latex swim cap and a silicone swim cap on top of Latex to perform better.

Before you decide to purchase a latex swim cap, be aware that most people might be Latex allergic.

Well, we have a complete guide on Latex vs. silicone swim caps that will help you out.

2. Protectiveness

The sole reason for opting for a swimming cap is excellent protection from the harsh elements in the swimming pool water.

In this case, the best material to opt for is silicone. This material is highly water-resistant and ultimately secures your hair from pool water.

The protection of your hair can be done in three different ways.

  • Provide it with sufficient space that allows for breathability.
  • Protects your hair from harmful elements like toxic chemicals.
  • Maintaining your hair dry for frustration fee during the swimming hours.

3. Flexibility and Elasticity

Do your best to avoid swimming caps that are non-elastic and rigid.

These kinds will give you a hard time when wearing caps. Therefore, the excellent choice is capped with stretching/ flexible property.

Caps with elastic properties allow for an easy fit on your head irrespective of the head size or hair type.

Additionally, the flexible property ensures durability and ruggedness as the cap will resist quickly tearing down.

4. Toxic-free Materials

Before falling in love with a given material, it’s crucial to check the material composition.

It would be best if you were sure the material was toxic-free.

If you notice any toxic ingredients, avoid getting such swim caps.

Opting for a non-toxic cap for swimming will protect you from any harm if a longer duration is used.

Read More: 7 Recommended Swim Caps for Curly Hair

5. Color

Color is a matter of choice and preference when using a swimming cap.

However, various colors are considered feminine, such as pink and purple.

Colorful caps are perfect for identification and, as such, easily noticeable from a nearby pool.

6. Frequency of use

Before opting for a given type of swim cap, consider your frequency of use.

If you intend to use the cap frequently and mostly on vacations, the Latex cap is the best option.

They are very inexpensive and would also last you for many months.

Also, it’s a cap that will fully meet your needs and is perfect for recreational users.

But if your target is a cap for frequent use, then silicone, Lycra, or neoprene is a perfect choice.

It’s strong and flexible enough to support frequent use. They also have excellent durability and long-term resistance to stretching, wearing, and pulling.

7. Design

Now, this option is a matter of personal taste.

There are a plethora of designs on the market to choose from.

The majority of the caps are pretty simple, plain, and monochromatic.

Also, there are colorful designs with letters, flags, stripes, flowers, or any style that your heart desires.

You will; notice many sellers are enlisting features in product marketing to drive their sales up.

8. Drag

Drag is one of the primary reasons you need to wear a swim cap during the swimming session.

With the best swim cap, it’s an assurance that you will experience minimum drag.

While this may be a significant concern for professional swimmers, it’s definitely a great option worth considering for regular swimming.

10. Sizing

You need to consider this a crucial feature when opting for a swimming cap.

In this case, the primary factor is the hair and head size that will determine your choice of cap.

For example, some caps are perfect for long hair, dreadlocks, or curly hair.

If you have encountered an awful experience where the cap dint fits, choose one with an extra cavity in the upper section.

You will also notice many complaints in many reviews regarding the size because people choose the wrong size while purchasing.

If you go for the wrong size, you will probably feel uncomfortable.

For a better choice of the size that will fit your hair comfortably, the following is a summary that may come in handy:

  • Large 22 3/4 to 23 1/8 inches
  • Medium 22 to 22 3/8 inches
  • Small 20.5 to 21 5/8 inches

You should also measure your head for the swim cap. It’s effortless; you need to measure two things;

  • Ear-to-ear Measurement: Use any measuring tab and measure from ear to ear lob over the head.
  • Head Circumference Measurement: You may measure the circumference around the head using the same measuring tab.

11. Non-Pull on Hair

Nothing hurts like a fabric that is pulling on your hair. For this reason, you need a cap that is hair pull-free.

Materials such as neoprene and Lycra are the best choice to get this.

However, they are not the best cap material that is drag-free while swimming.

For a wider selection choice, silicone is among the best options you can go with.

It has minor hair damage. And during selection, opt for a thicker silicone that is tangle-free from your hair for more effortless wear.

If you have no option but to use a sticky material swim cap, you can try out corn starch, baby powder, Corn Starch, and Talcum powder.

Care for the Swim Cap

Like any other accessory or gadget, swimming caps also need great care for durability.

They are also subjected to wear and tear through pulling and stretching, tugging, and harsh pool water.

And it’s for these reasons that you need to take good care of them to improve their durability.  

Therefore, after every swimming session, you must use non-chlorine clean water to thoroughly rinse your cap.

Afterward, use a towel to dry it, or air dry it. To effectively dry, apply baby powder to the interior.

Lastly, protect your cap from sharp objects, whether it’s a hair clip or hand nails.


Neoprene and silicone materials are susceptible to heat and tend to conserve heat once heated.

Despite having the best recommendations due to outstanding performance, these caps are affected by heat.

At 80 degrees or above, these caps will generate excess heat on your head.

You will need Latex material in this scenario, which is an excellent choice. It comes with a thin cloth, great for dissipating excess heat.


I hope you’ve found the perfect choice from our list of the best swim caps for black hair.

These gears have been specifically engineered to deliver exceptional services.

Therefore, take a pick that will last you for an extended time.

Apart from being durable, the swim caps come with an ergonomic style that delivers a charming view.  

Moreover, they are all made from 100% silicone, toxic-free, flexible, and long-lasting materials.

Back to you

Was the above information helpful to your research? If so, which among the above cap is perfect for your hair?

If you have any additional tips that you’d love to add, feel free to put them in the comment below.

Jabran Ali
Jabran Ali
Jabran Ali is a swimming enthusiast, instructor, and testing swimming gears from the past 6 years. In these few years, he has got an extreme level of knowledge and achieved great goals. Now he knows the perfect swimming techniques and sharing his swimming life experience with Sportlia readers.



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