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10 Best Fins For Open Water Swimming

Wearing The Best fins for open water swimming

Make sure you have your swimming gear ready before embarking on an adventure to explore the Oceans, Seas, Lakes, and Rivers to discover the world of open water swimming.

Nevertheless, don’t be in a rush; you might forget the essential swim gear that will make your swimming experience an outstanding one. (I mean the swimming fins)

It is pretty helpful to use swimming fins to make your swimming more comfortable and enjoyable.

In order to improve your swimming experience and relax your body to concentrate on each stroke, you must select the right and the best fins for open water swimming.

Fins don’t just allow you to swim faster, but they also build the trust needed to kick effortlessly and swim without discomfort for a longer time. This builds flexibility, strength, and efficiency in the ankle and legs.

Swimming fins will give you a competitive edge over those who do not use them.

The first time I jumped into open water swimming, I was unaware of what I was doing and kept swimming.

As soon as I got in the water, I was drained of stamina and quickly tired, as the water pressure was high compared to that of the swimming pool.

Next time, I used my fins. This time, I feel a lot better and more relaxed. Therefore, I swam a longer distance.

Long or Short Blades, which is better for open water swimming?

It is essential to know these things in the first place. 

If you use a longer fin or a shorter fin, it doesn’t matter. Be sure you’re familiar with the fins you intended to use. 

You should not simply switch to longer fins if you previously swam with shorter fins. 

I would only recommend swimming with longer fins if that’s what you’ve always done. 

The shorter pair of fins is better suited if you’ve never used them because they give a more realistic sense of speed.

In a hurry, here is my favorite Swim Fin for open water swimming.

Cressi Full-Foot Fins For Open Water Swimming
Cressi Swim fins feature pretty long blades to give a kick-start journey to open water swimming. A high-quality product with a cutting-edge design for almost all water levels, these fins are constructed from productive and high-quality materials. Strong and able to withstand high resistance, the long blades create powerful kicks to develop Leg-fin trust and accelerate your speed.

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The 10 Best Swim Fins For Open Water Swimming

Here is a comparison of 10 of the best swim fins for open-water swimming.

PreviewSwim FinsDetailsPrice
Cressi PRO STAR Amarillo 37/381. Cressi Full-Foot Fins

  • Heel Style: Full Foot
  • Blades Type: Long
  • Materials: Rubber
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Arena Powerfin PRO Swim Training Fins, Acid Lime, 4.5-52. Arena Powerfin Swim Fins

  • Heel Style: Open Heel
  • Blades Type: Short
  • Materials: Rubber
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Mares Avanti Quattro + Open Heel Fin - Yellow, X-Large3. Mares Avanti Quattro Strap Fins

  • Heel Style: Open Heel
  • Blades Type: Long
  • Materials: Rubber
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TUSA SF-22 Solla Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins, X-Small,...4. TUSA SF-22 Swim Fins

  • Heel Style: Open Heel
  • Blades Type: Long
  • Materials: Multi-compound
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Cressi Light, Yellow, 37/385. Cressi Short Blade Water Fins

  • Heel Style: Full Foot
  • Blades Type: Short
  • Materials: Rubber
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Cressi Frog Plus, pink, XS/S6. Cressi Frog Plus Fins

  • Heel Style: Open Heel
  • Blades Type: medium
  • Materials: Rubber
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SIER FINS | Soft Silicone Full-Foot with Efficient...7. SIER Split Fins

  • Heel Style: Full Foot
  • Blades Type: Long
  • Materials: Silicone
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Speedo unisex adult Rubber Short Blade training swim...8. Speedo Unisex Swim Fins

  • Heel Style: Full Foot
  • Blades Type: Short
  • Materials: Silicone
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Mares Unisex's Fins Volo Race Flipper-Blue/BL, Size 369. Mares Volo Race Fins

  • Heel Style: Full Foot
  • Blades Type: Long
  • Materials: Rubber
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FINIS Long Floating Fins for Swimming and Snorkeling...10. FINIS Long Floating Fins

  • Heel Style: Full Foot
  • Blades Type: Medium
  • Materials: Rubber
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Reviews of the 10 Best Fins For Open Water Swimming in 2024

Now, let’s explore the features of each swim fin, and then you will be able to decide which will be perfect for your open-water swimming.

1. Cressi Full Foot Fins – Top Pick

Cressi PRO STAR Amarillo 37/38
  • This is a futuristic fin, which introduces the use of...
  • This material is combined with a comfortable...
  • The resulting cocktail is a formidable product that...

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Cressi stands out for its innovative design and reliable performance among the best fins for open water swimming.

A full-foot pocket design along with extended blades produces tremendous pressure in the water. 

Cressi has improved this design and named it Pro Star.

The addition of polypropylene and rubber material has made these fins significantly more powerful and valuable to generate excellent propulsion.

They’ve earned the top spot on the list because of their unique, flexible blades. This design is an improved design of Cressi swim fins. 

The old design featured less durable blades as compared to the Pro star. 

Now they’re even more extensive and lengthier than before. 

However, the side stringers have been extended to make it easier to swim in open water.

The end-side of the blades is now optimized for easy and effortless water flaps. You may know the significant effect of the physical structure of the edges influences swimming speed. 

The Cressi swim fins are great if you want to maximize your swimming speed and efficiency. The long blades will support and stimulate your feet during long swimming sessions. 

In contrast, Cressi Pro Star fins differ from other open-water fins because of their blade design. 

The Cressi fin blades are a bit flat. They consist of power transmission side rails and directional rails, which will surely improve your kicking experience. 

As you probably already know, the longer the blades, the greater the potential for pushing large amounts of water, which directly boosts your swimming speed. 

To achieve your goal of swimming in open water, you need long blade fins since they will support your legs’ power while maintaining your stamina. 

So with Cressi’s long blade fins, you can swim for longer instead of tiring earlier.

ProTip: If you are looking for a pair of fins to improve your kicking technique, build leg muscles, and strengthen your ankle flexibility, then go with a short or mid-range blade because they are designed to teach your legs how to swim. 

They are also beneficial to activate your legs to kick harder to maintain a stable position in the water. Thus, it will indirectly contribute to building stamina. 

Keep reading; we have also included a few short blade fins in this list.

  • Optimize for exclusive long-duration performance
  • Feature super flexible and lightweight blades
  • Durable and flexible at any depth
  • Soft foot-pocket but can be wear with neoprene socks
  • Energy-efficient transmission side-rails require fewer kicks and energy
  • A quiet and futuristic polypropylene compound is used
  • Easy to use and float
  • Pretty long blades
  • Not so much speedy because of long blades (a common issue with long blades)
  • Some users reported that these fins bent (so use with care)

2. Arena Pro Training Fins – Editor’s Choice

Arena Powerfin PRO Swim Training Fins, Black, 4.5-5
  • These are the fins all professional swimmers have been...
  • Their innovative design features a sloping surface and...
  • The open heel ensures the best possible ankle...

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Arena short-blade fins are simple yet robust solutions to conquer your goals in open-water swimming.

The innovative design enables the power to boost your swimming speed and enhance your kicking power to overcome strong currents.

Arena swim fins are designed to work for beginners and professional open-water swimmers because they are too short in size. Their short blades make them super easy to handle.

You don’t need any extraordinary power or kicking techniques to handle these fins.

All you need to know is how to kick, and they will respond according to the strength of the kick.

Additionally, these fins come with an open-heel foot pocket, which is an excellent feature for open-water swimmers.

The open heel blades are made of soft, thermal rubber to guarantee a comfortable fit so you won’t get fatigued or cramps.

Arena Open Water Training Fins on The Table

A design like this allows your feet to move freely, while your ankles can perform various stunts with ease. 

Short blades are perfect for any level or type of water sport. Whether you plan to use them in open water or a pool, they will work for you. 

As I explained earlier, shorter blade fins will allow you to kick more frequently and freely. In longer blades, you cannot kick faster, so your kicking frequency will decrease.

It will not affect your swimming speed but instead, keep your legs relaxed.

Arena Powerfin is an excellent choice if you plan to swim against strong currents, learn to swim, or improve ankle flexibility while swimming. 

It is a complete tool meant to assist swimmers. The fact is that short-blade fins are excellent training aids because they allow you to kick faster and in any direction you wish. 

Arena training fins offer comfort and safety, so you can feel confident using them. 

It will save you a few bucks on water socks, thanks to the rubber used in the overall design composition. There is no need for socks, and they fit just fine without them.

  • Soft and comfortable foot pocket
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to operate them faster than others
  • Assist and train your legs
  • Flexible
  • Compact design
  • Fit in your bag
  • Generate powerful kicks for better speed
  • Train and enhance ankle flexibility as well as kicking techniques
  • It comes in 16 colors, textures, and country flags printed on them
  • Stiff and a little heavy
  • Pretty short blade as compared to regular short blade fins

3. Mares Avanti Plus Strap Fin – Best Value

Mares Avanti Quattro + Open Heel Fin - Yellow, X-Large
  • Mares Avanti Quattro-Plus Open Heel Fin:
  • Non-Vented Fin
  • Exceed the Established Performance of Traditional Model

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Have you not been impressed by Cressi’s long blade and Arena’s short blade fins?

Have a look, and consider the non-Vented Mares Open water Swimming Fin.

A mystery awaits in the form of their ergonomic and stylish design to enhance your swimming experience in open water.

Mares are constantly improving their design to help swimmers stabilize their swimming techniques. 

If you have previously used their old-style fins, you may be aware of their improved and redesigned fin structure.

In the reconstructed version, high-quality materials are used to overcome swimming problems.

In addition, four different materials have been combined to give their Swimfins a unique appearance and a much-enhanced level of effectiveness.

Now the newer version features advanced and easy-to-use straps called Bungee. 

Straps are made to provide you with a snug fit while open water swimming, promoting efficiency and efficiency in your open water runs.

Their swim fins design is awe-inspiring, see this image.

A black and white mares Open Water Fins on the floor

Mare fins allow swimmers to overcome complex swimming problems. 

The Mares Swimfins are an excellent choice if you aim to perform multiple kicks throughout your swimming sessions. It requires less effort and generates more fin thrust and speed.

Since these fins are packed with long blades, your swimming session is effortless, as your stamina and energy remain constant.

 However, you will notice that backfining and helicopter turn become difficult due to the fins and their design, making it hard to do either.

Mares swim fins, on the other hand, are very flexible. As a result, you can perform frog, flutter, and scissor kicks with less effort.

Regardless of whether you are swimming in open water or not, the Mares Avanti Quattro plus fins is an excellent option to consider. 

The responsive blades and bungee straps combine to make open-water swimming a whole new experience. They increase thrust and establish more incredible performance to generate and boost propulsion.

If you are not a fan of the buckled strap, then bungee strap fins are another excellent choice for open-water swimming. They are highly flexible and easy to adjust without causing any cramps.

As a result, it will boost your stamina, help you develop flexibility in your ankles, and enhance your kick technique.

  • Easy to wear
  • Super flexible and soft
  • It does not cause cramps
  • It comes with Bungee Straps
  • Flexible blade
  • Attractive design
  • Require fewer kicks, generate more power
  • Excellent quality as compared to other traditional swim fins
  • Made from soft and high-quality rubber materials
  • It’s easy to handle them
  • Hard to perform prone surface kicks
  • Require a lot of effort for a faster swim
  • Not suitable for very strong current

4. TUSA SF-22 Solla Fins – Best For Strong Current

TUSA SF-22 Solla Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins, X-Small,...
  • Powered by ForcElast Technology
  • TUSA patented 20° Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.)
  • Multi-compound foot pocket increases power transfer to...

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The TUSA swim fins, especially the SF-22 model, are feature-rich and packed with ample power to beat strong currents during open-water swimming.

These fins are designed from advanced hydrodynamic materials to boost your swimming speed. 

Despite this, you cannot determine the actual speed to compare them with short blade fins. These fins also come with relatively long blades, so they are suitable for experts to swim for long distances.

Therefore, the speed could be affected in some circumstances. However, Tusa wins in terms of design, look, features and the amount of propulsion it generates will overcome your difficulty.

 What makes Tusa the best is their superior fins designing technology.

They have combined well-known materials to make their swim fins’ blades and foot pocket super comfortable and flexible.

The thermoplastic elastomer is a compound that is compressed and included to enable the blades and foot pocket of these swim fins to accept challenges.

Such a combination of high-quality materials will resist stresses and enable the blades and foot pocket to withstand pressures.

So, If you are looking to perform some challenging kicks in open water, then propulsion and speed are required to power up your dreams. 

In this case, Tusa open water swim fins are an absolute win. Because it comes with an angled blade binding pattern which means the foot pocket moves all the power to the blades to deliver powerful kicks and speed you up. 

That is why the blades are made on a 20-angle binding design to ensure a power boost in your swimming speed. 

Further, these fins feature a quick-release buckle system and adjustable straps, making them extremely easy to put on and off. For a precise fit, the buckle system accepts minor adjustments with minimal effort.

The Tusa open-heel fins will significantly enhance your swimming speed. 

The equipment is designed to accommodate both open-water and scuba-diving swimming actions. 

Thanks to their multi-compound solution and powerful foot pocket, these fins don’t require much energy nor effort to put on and start working in them.

  • Awesome fin design
  • Flexible and elastic blades
  • Maximize propulsion
  • Propels pretty well
  • Packed with Anatomic straps
  • Adjustable buckle system
  • Easy to operate while performing strokes
  • Highly compressed and robust materials are combined
  • Offer outstanding balance and stability
  • Produce strong current because of powerful blades
  • Binding-Angle blade design
  • It’s hard to find a perfect match due to the anatomic foot pocket. (so watch out)
  • The buckle system can sometimes be difficult to release

5. Cressi Short Full-Foot Pocket Fins – Best For Training

Cressi Light, Yellow, 37/38
  • Cressi fins designed specifically for the pool and for...
  • The short blade is made from highly reactive and light...
  • The length of the blade and the Materials used have...

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Cressi fins are lightweight as compared to Arena’s short-blade fins.

However, it’s pretty different in terms of usage and design.

The Cressi fins are specially designed to boost your training session, whether in open water or a swimming pool. 

So if you are considering training yourself to improve your kicking techniques, then Cressi Short blade fins are another great pair for your swimming journey. 

Choosing the best fins for open-water swimming is all about the design and materials used to make them. 

In this case, if you are a fan of soft and comfortable materials, then Cressi short-blade fins come first. 

Because they use elastomeric rubber in the foot pocket and blades of the fins, you will experience a smooth and wonderful open water experience.

Therefore, if you are looking for comfortable swim fins that do not hurt your legs and toes, rubber fins are for you.

Just ensure that the fins you choose won’t cause you cramps or fatigue. 

The Cressi short-blade fins feature an anatomically and beautifully constructed foot pocket. It’s a little different in style as compared to other open-water swim fins.

Although the blades are a Full-Foot pocket, they fully conform to and meet the requirements for providing better comfort and effective foot handling.

Furthermore, the blades are a bit longer when compared to Arena’s short blade fins, as I said. 

Arena fin’s blades are very short when compared to other short-blade fins. 

So, in this case, you may consider Cressi if you want a little boost in your open-water swimming. For complex strokes and leg exercises, they’re the best. 

Cressi’s blades are cooperative and flexible, meaning you can swim for longer without feeling bored. 

Cressi fins deliver amazingly smooth and reasonable amounts of propulsion to add buoyancy to your swimming schedule. 

Thanks to the supportive foot pocket and elastic blade design, they offer better speed when kicking back. 

The short-blade fins are an ideal choice for Travelers because they fit in your bag without consuming a lot of space. 

Therefore, if the swimming area is a little far from your home, considering the short blade fins such as Cressi or Arena will be the best option. Since they are lightweight as compared to long-blade fins.

  • Stunning design
  • Made from Reactive rubber materials to feature elasticity
  • Lightweight
  • It does not cause cramps and fatigue
  • Feel soft and comfortable
  • Short but uniquely designed blades
  • amazing Anti-bottom
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Work with barefoot and neoprene socks
  • Perfect for building muscles
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Not much powerful

6. Cressi Frog Plus Long Blade Fins | Best For Powerful Strokes

Cressi Frog Plus, pink, XS/S
  • Utilizes patented 3 material injection molding process...
  • The dual density techno polymer, which forms the blade,...
  • The channeling effect enables a high level of energy to...

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Cressi water fins are equipped with incredible features and a minimalist design to make your legs comfortable and help you swim better in open water.

These fins are well known for their rugged plating design and advanced materials molding process that make them soft and comfortable. 

Cressi has designed so many unique fins for different kinds of water sports.

Cressi fins are excellent if you are a beginner or professional, but love open-water swimming. The open-heel swimming fin is a durable preference.

Currently, the design we are reviewing is called Frog plus.

They also have similar designs with different names, but the frog is among the best for open-water swimming.

Frog fins are filled with three revolutionary and high-quality materials throughout the fins.

It means the blades, side rails, and foot pockets are made from different materials to ensure smoother performance.

Rubber materials have been used in the foot pocket and side rails to increase the product lifespan and give you a snug fit and comfortable kicking experience.

Cressi Black and Yellow Long Blade Swim Fins
Cressi Long Blade Black and Yellow Swim Fins

However, the blades are made from technopolymer and silicon, which produce high thrust, excellent propulsion, and high efficiency.

The combination of such excellent materials indirectly boosts the blades’ performance. 

It means the power will be generated from heels and will be bent and supplied to the blades to save energy and improve strokes.

Furthermore, the foot pocket is positioned a little below the blades. It will increase the ease of use and power of the blades.

This fin has a slight advantage over other fins because the power generated from the foot pocket will have a powerful effect on blades, which will enhance your swimming ability.

Suppose you are a beginner or a professional who loves diving and wants to jump into open water swimming.

In that case, the most excellent combination of powerful blades and a comfortable foot pocket of Cressi fins will change your swimming level.

In addition to that, Cress fins also come with adjustable straps, allowing you to adjust the tightness of the foot pocket to fit your feet.

If you’re considering sharing fins with your friends and family, you may make the right choice with Cressi’s adjustable straps.  It will fit anyone with the appropriate foot size.

Cressi Frog fins are the best open water swimming fins because of their incredible strength and great design, but make sure you wear proper boots as the shoe foot pocket is quite broad. 

If you wear them with booties, it will double the comfort. So it won’t feel loose.

  • Deal pretty well with current
  • Amazingly designed
  • The blades are strong enough and speed up
  • Adjustable straps
  • Rubber materials are used in foot pocket (make them easy to wear)
  • Comfortable fit (with socks or booties)
  • Not too long nor too short
  • Designed especially for frog kicks (but perform well for all type of open water swimming)
  • The blades are made from silicone (It has incredible power)
  • Available in 7th different colors
  • The foot pocket is quite wide (big); you need water booties to make them feel comfortable and fit.
  • Size is misleading

Cressi frog fins are a bit pricey, but they’re worth the expense.

If you have a budget, I recommend Frog Design, but if you need a cheaper solution, I recommend Palau long fins

It features adjustable blades, comes with a mesh bag, is easy to wear, perfectly deals with the pressure, and is great for training and open water swimming. 

7. SIER Split FINS | Best For Thrust

SIER FINS | Soft Silicone Full-Foot with Efficient...
  • POWER for THRUST swimming fins. Designed to create lift...
  • LESS SURFACE RESISTANCE SCUBA flippers results from...
  • LONGER-LASTING full-pocket snorkel fins completely...

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Have you ever used split fins? 

If not, you are missing out on a lot of fun since these types of fins have less resistance than paddle fins.

The point is the blades are split, making them lighter and easier to use. 

They also get stuck when you need speed and power. Split Fin kicks are challenging to control but easier than paddle fins because both have pretty long blades. 

It may seem strange to include split fins in a list of the best fins for open-water swimming.

But you can’t ignore the fact that paddle fins (general Swim Fins with simple blades) are designed to help you develop leg strength and ankle flexibility.

It all depends on the blades; the short blade fins take a lot of energy and require many kicks to help you push forward.

However, long blade fins help you swim faster.

Still, they are pretty hard to handle because they require you to kick harder and harder, indirectly consuming a lot of energy.

If you don’t have that much power and energy to handle long blade fins because you might not control them efficiently, you need Split fins.

Split fins work pretty well for open-water swimming because they require significantly less power and leg thrust than other blade fins.

Now, to choose the best-split fins for open water swimming, you should not trap but instead, blindly put your fingers on the fins. They are solely intended for open-water swimming.

Sier split fins are designed with a diver in mind to help inexperienced swimmers learn swimming techniques and build kick thrusts with each stroke.

The blades of Sier fins split uniquely to create less surface for resistance and help the water quickly pass through those divided areas in edges. This feature is beneficial for both health and kick power.

The Sier fins are excellent if you want to reduce fatigue and stress on your ankles.

Because when you have less weight on your legs, your ankle will experience less pressure.

Moreover, Sier split fins feature a full-foot pocket design, another brilliant addition to the product.

SIER Split Swim Fins On the table

The closed-heel foot pocket makes it easier to wear them instantly without worrying about adjusting the straps and buckle.

However, you have to do a little research on the size before choosing the full-foot fins.

Because you have to choose the perfect size; otherwise, you will not adjust the foot pocket size, so bear this in mind.

However, the foot pockets of Sier fins are decent and comfortable; you can wear them with or without socks.

As they are made from rubber, I’m not sure you’ll need socks to make them even more comfortable. Without socks, Sier fins are perfect.

Also, suppose you are a traveler and looking for split fins to explore some open water locations.

In that case, you might not be able to fit these in your bag because the blade of split fins is longer and quieter than other types of swim fins.

So, of course, it will take up a lot of space in your bag.

Don’t worry; the Sier split fins come with a FREE mesh carry bag.

The bag is designed to hold the fins to dry quicker, and you can use it for carrying the fins to your favorite swimming locations.

  • Unique blade act as separate propellers
  • Feature silicone made full-foot
  • Comfortable to wear and take off
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Split blades make it easy to build trust with each stroke
  • Easy for niece kicking technique
  • Effortless to handle blades
  • Don’t require much energy and kick power
  • Reduce ankle strain and minimize fatigue
  • It comes with a free Mesh bag
  • Not recommended for strong current
  • It comes in a single color (yellow)

8. Speedo Unisex Swim Fins – Most Comfortable

Speedo unisex adult Rubber Short Blade training swim...
  • Soft silicone short blade training fins help you...
  • NOTE:Fins should have a snug fit. We recommend sizing...
  • Short, straight blade helps maintain proper kick/stroke...

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Whether you are looking to purchase swim fins or other water sport accessories, the brand Speedo should not be overlooked.

They have been here since 1914. Today, we are going to look at the speedo unisex short-blade training fins.

You might have heard about their swim caps and snorkels; however, their swim fins are also popular amongst swimmers.

The design of Speedo emphasizes the use of the best materials.

These short-blade fins are designed from soft and highly reactive silicone materials to help you stay in water for a longer duration while building your leg muscle.

The addition of silicone provides a different and comfortable feel to help you focus on your target instead of looking back to the fins to make them work.

I love how soft they feel on my feet and how fast and strong they kick.

Speedo swimming fins will activate your dreams to kick-start the open-water swimming journey.

Since they feature short blades, it quite easily handles the current and water level because the fins will not look like a burden on your foot.

In comparison to Cressi short-blade fins, Speedo fins are slightly different on foot. Still, Speedo feels good regardless of whether you wear them with or without socks.

I don’t think you will need socks because silicone materials give a longer lifespan than others.

They are designed to provide a flexible and comfortable snug fit.

However, be careful with the sizing since many beginners cannot select the correct size when choosing full-foot fins.

Thus, it would be best if you sized up to ensure a more comfortable and secure fit.

Speedo short-blade fins will help you strengthen your ankle flexibility and build leg muscle.

In addition to that, they are a pretty great tool for training sessions since they are so simple to use.

Consequently, silicone feeling can be a great addition to your swimming session if you wish to learn swimming techniques in open water.

They are designed to generate optimal performance while maintaining a proper stroke for stable body positioning.

  • Made from 100% silicone
  • Fit easily
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Elastic
  • Improve strokes and kicking techniques
  • Great for quick flip-turns
  • Great for Endurance
  • Provide a good amount of speed
  • Maintain and stabilize body position
  • Propel water
  • Lacks good propulsion

9. Mares Volo Full Foot Fins – Best For longer Sessions

Mares Unisex's Fins Volo Race Flipper-Blue/BL, Size 36
  • Anatomical foot pocket for a secure and comfortable fit
  • OPB (Optimized Pivoting Blade) system for easy kicking...
  • Channel Thrust technology for increased thrust and...

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Mares Full foot fins are optimized for strong currents during open water sessions as well as diving. 

This masterpiece comes with a long blade to transfer power to the maximum level of propulsion without causing further stress on your feet.

The Mares open water fins feature a closed anatomical foot pocket to serve the need for soft and comfortable swimming.

The rubber material covers the essential areas of the fins, so you can easily insert your foot without making many efforts.

They are therefore designed to help you enjoy open-water swimming with a stable and comfortable experience.

I see the blades are pretty long, but that’s normal for ocean and lake swimming.

They’re not heavy, so that’s a big plus.

Since the thermoplastic rubber combination has made the construction process robust, you can easily pack them in your bag. Despite its flexibility, it remains in good shape.

Therefore, you can easily carry them in your backpack; it will take up a fair amount of space; however, you will be fine as it will not weigh your bag down.

The Mare swim fin is a combination of OPB (Optimized Pivoting Blade) and channel thrust technology.

Unlike other swim fins, Mares fins help you build thrust with less effort.

OPB blades enable you to swim faster by creating better angles with little effort, which will boost your speed.

Furthermore, the Mars Volo fins are pretty expensive compared to other open-water fins.

However, here I can’t see anything special except the blades. They have given a lot of importance to blades to make them efficient.

The blade’s design is what makes Mares’ fins different from others.

If you have read about Split fins but don’t like the design because they are all split in the middle, you might not like them.

But, still, you want fins that come with a pretty similar feature to enhance your swimming power and help you save energy.

Then Mares Swim fins come with similar features; their blades have two small holes (dots) in the blades.

It will help to pass out a tiny amount of water from it. Although this will not make a huge difference, you will feel less strain on your ankle.

Furthermore, it will allow you to swim longer because your legs will use less energy, and your kicks will be lighter. It will affect your kick rate.

I know you aren’t learning how to swim.

Instead, looking for super cool and powerful fins to be used in open water with proficiency, and they are Mares.

  • Robust design
  • Close-heel
  • Helpful in boosting efficiency with least effort
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable, easy to use
  • Easy to handle kicks because of two holes in the blade
  • Deliver a good amount of propulsion
  • Press less stress on the ankle
  • It has much power, speedy
  • Available in 4 colors
  • The size seems to be a bit off.
  • Comparatively expensive

10. FINIS Long Floating Fins – Budget Pick

Last update on 2024-07-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

FINIS swim fin is another inexpensive option for open-water swimming.

If you are low on a budget but need high-quality swim fins to move from your comfort zone and enter the swimming world, then Finis is the no.1 selling product out there.

I mainly go with a long blade and closed-heel swim fins because I find adjustable straps problematic for open-water swimming.

You may know why adjustable straps don’t work well in open water.

Sometimes, the straps pull off, and you have to adjust them repeatedly.

Even when the straps come off, you might lose them in water.

The best solution is to use closed-heel swim fins.

Because they are less heavier than adjustable straps, they are perfect for open water swimming.

When you are swimming in open water, you will not have to worry about the feet coming off the fins.

To overcome all these foot pocket problems, you have finally landed on Finis long floating swim fins.

The Finis swim fins are designed to provide you with a firm grip and excellent propulsion and resistance.

In addition, Finis swim fins don’t have too long blades. It’s average-sized and perfect for building leg muscles, improving ankle flexibility, and learning new things.

Simple in design but astonishing in results. A hydrodynamic blade has such a high repulsion force and lifts a great deal of power.

The blades are designed to teach legs to kick from the hips instead of pressing power with the knees.

That is a plus, and most long-blade fins don’t have these features; you will see them in maximum blade length.

The Finis long floating fins are neither a fancy selection nor an expensive fin.

However, it’s the best option for beginners and budget swimmers because it is simple, making the fins easy to wear.

There is no rocket science. Finis has kept the design (foot pocket and blade) very simple and straightforward.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best open-water swimming fins for your training, go with Finis. They are pretty good at increasing buoyancy to help you focus on stroke to practice techniques.

In addition, beginners have trouble handling long blade fins because they require a lot of energy and leg power to propel them forward.

The short or maximum blade fins might get you tired quickly as your kicking frequency will increase.

Still, it will indirectly help you develop leg muscles and improve your kicking technique.

The Finis Swim fins are an excellent option for this purpose. But if you intend to enjoy long-distance open-water swimming instead of learning, then explore other long-blade options.

  • Easy to use because of Simple design
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Snug fit
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Generate propulsive kick
  • Made from soft rubber materials, so don’t hurt feet
  • Strength building
  • Flex well
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced athletics
  • Maximum size blades (nor too short nor too long)
  • Available in a variety of beautiful colors
  • Rubber fins don’t last longer
  • It doesn’t have side rails as well as bottom anti-slip
  • Don’t work for wide feet

How To Choose The Best Fins For Open Water Swimming

When purchasing the best swim fins for open water swimming, you must consider the following factors and buyer guide.

Types Of Open Water Fins

So, what type of fins are the best for open-water swimming?

Fins are classified into different categories depending on their blade type and design.

The different types of blades divide them into different categories.

Swim fins can be classified into four main types.

Blade Fins

Blade fins feature a traditional blade style. 

They are inexpensive but effective for open water and other sports activities such as snorkeling, Swim Laps, scuba diving, recreational, and competitive swimming. 

They are further classified into short and long blade fins (remember this, we will discuss them later).

Split Fins

Split fins are similar to blade fins; however, the blades are split in the middle.

Split fins are also beneficial for open-water swimming since they allow water to pass through the middle of the fin, making kicks easier and less arduous.

This type of swim fin delivers a more significant amount of power.

Furthermore, the split fins make it easy to handle fins with long blades. 

Channel Fins

Channel fins are designed to work to perfection as you kick.

There are two small holes on the upper side of the blades to help you funnel the water as you kick.

These types of fins are excellent for swimming in open water since they enhance your swimming speed.

It is important to note that Channel fins come with long blades, which offer less resistance to the surface area.

Blade Length

The blade length determines the size and use of the fins.

When purchasing the best swim fins for water sport, you should pay attention to the blade’s size because the different size of blades serves different Swimming environments.

There are three different blades sizes;

Short Blade

Short-blade fins are an aid to your training sessions because they boost your swimming workout.

They are ideal for beginners as well as experienced swimmers who want to develop their skills.

When the blades are short, kicking power is essential to reach good speed.

Therefore, Short blade fins tend to be ideal for building leg muscle, improving and strengthening ankle flexibility. 

As they require a higher kick frequency, they don’t provide the same propulsion as longer blades.

Still, short-blade fins are a popular choice among travelers and beginners because they are lightweight and take up little space in your bag.

Medium blades

Fins with a medium blade length are neither too long nor too short.

They lie between short and long blades.

If you are concerned with a good amount of propulsion but don’t want to stress your legs through short blade fins and avoid the pressure on your legs through long blades, then Medium blade fins come into play.

As they are not too heavy, they are better suited to snorkeling and open water activities.

Long Blades

Long-blade fins are famous amongst swimmers because they are designed to assist you in long-distance swims.

Longer swim fins assist you in moving forward quickly through the water. 

They are specifically designed to keep your legs comfortable and stress-free while swimming.

Since the size of these fins is longer, it will also give you a good amount of propulsion and resistance.

Open-water swimmers typically prefer short blades, but you can also use long blades if you are not going against a strong current.

They do an excellent job of assisting you and making your swimming experience as comfortable as possible.

Using long blade fins, you don’t need to exert so many kicks to move faster; a few strokes will do the magic.

If you want to stay at the surface longer during sea swimming, then a pair of fins with long blades is right for you.

Foot Pocket (Fin Heel Style) – Fit

You should ensure the fins you choose are compatible with your foot size.

Since we are looking for open water fins, it is essential to choose swim fins with the right heel style for your feet.

When buying fins, it is crucial to know the exact size and style of the foot pocket.

It is important to know how to determine the size of your feet so that you can choose the right fins. 

Some swim fins have a significant flaw in their foot pocket.

Swimming in an ocean or lake is quite entertaining. However, sometimes fins can come off from your feet, which undoubtedly means you’ll lose them in the deep water.

To avoid such problems, you must purchase the exact size. 

There are further classifications based on Foot Pocket. 

Open Heel

Open-heel fins feature adjustable straps or a quick-release buckle system.

Here, you can adjust the foot pocket’s tightness to ensure that they feel a snug fit on your foot.

However, it will not give you the true feeling of comfortable rubber (full-foot) for open-water swimming.

In addition, open-heel fins have a significant drawback in terms of durability.

The quick-release button or adjustable straps will lose their tightness over time.

Also, it’s expected that they can come off during swimming sessions, resulting in losing them in deep water.

Closed Heel or Full-foot

A closed Heel fin is like a shoe or bootie-style foot pocket.

They are primarily designed from rubber and silicone materials which is an excellent option for open water swimming.

They provide a snug fit to make your toe and feet feel comfortable and soft. 

Furthermore, there will be no problem with your feet coming up from fins since full-foot pocket fins will provide the exact fit as your regular shoes.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to select the correct size because you’d end up with the wrong one. So make sure you know your exact size.

If you are mostly swimming in cool water, I recommend using neoprene socks to add a little bit of thermal protection to your feet.

However, You can wear neoprene socks with both open and closed-heel fins to double the comfort. 

Just make sure you size up if you intend to wear neoprene socks with closed-heel fins.


Materials have a significant influence on the look and feel of swimming fins.

There are different types of materials composed to make swim fins.

Some fins are designed with a combination of two or three materials to produce the best results. 

The below two types of materials are famous.


Most swim fins you will see are designed from silicone because they provide a flexible and elastic experience to tackle the game of swimming.

Silicone will usually make your swimming much more comfortable because they don’t rub your skin as rubber does. These types of materials are stretchy and last longer.


Rubber materials are pretty famous amongst old and new swim fins.

They are comfortable and suitable for swimming in open water.

The rubber typically does not last very long and is prone to tearing. 

But they are super flexible, soft, and produce a smoother swimming experience. 

There is no significant difference between silicone and rubber. Both materials provide outstanding results.

Comfortable Fit

Before jumping on selecting the best pair of fins for open water swimming, ensure that you know your foot size since it can be pretty challenging to find the right size fins.

Open-heel fins (straps) are easy to purchase, but choosing a close-heel style can be challenging.

So make sure your fins are comfortable and fit well. Most swim fins are easy to take off and on.

If you choose the wrong size, you can end up with bad experiences, which can be pretty dangerous as it might cause cramps, blisters, and fatigue on your toe and ankle. So watch out!

Wear Water Socks or Not?

 Is it a good idea to wear water socks with swim fins?

It’s not essential to wear water socks, but the fact is they double the comfort.

Some swim fins might not give you the best fit. They can also cause you blisters. To avoid these problems, you have to select the most comfortable foot pocket.

However, this is not possible in all cases. Therefore, I recommend using high-quality neoprene socks. It will keep your feet secure, comfortable, and safe.

Safety Tips For Open Water Swimming

In open water, it’s essential to avoid overdoing it on the leg when swimming with fins: it’s been seen to cause serious injury.

Getting cramps for the first try is expected; make sure your fins are soft and comfortable.

In such situations, an open water safety buoy is essential to ensure that you feel safe. In addition, swim in a group with someone guiding you.

The most important thing you should do is not overtake your legs; your legs should kind of float behind you.


I hope this guide helped you in choosing the best fins for open-water swimming.

The swim fins listed here are packed with unique features that will completely change how you explore open-water swimming.

It is essential to have a goal and a limit because the fins you select will be based on what you are interested in and what features you need.

The fins listed above offer a comfortable and durable open-water experience.

Some of them will strengthen your resistance and propulsion, while others will improve your kick power underwater.

So, pay attention to what you’ll be doing and decide what you’re going to aim for.

Remember the buyer guide during the selection process, and you will not be confused again.

Please feel free to ask any questions, suggestions, or concerns in the comment section; I will be happy to respond.

Jabran Ali
Jabran Ali
Jabran Ali is a swimming enthusiast, instructor, and testing swimming gears from the past 6 years. In these few years, he has got an extreme level of knowledge and achieved great goals. Now he knows the perfect swimming techniques and sharing his swimming life experience with Sportlia readers.


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